Training Workshops

Trainings and workshops are a natural way organisations introduce new concepts, teach specific skills and transfer knowledge. These are much less resource demanding than mentoring programs or intergenerational teams.

The following tools make up the section of the toolkit on Intergenerational Trainings and Workshops. (Please note: the tools currently available are the untested versions. Once the testing is complete – around June of 2013 – we will  replace these versions with the final ones.)

  • Management Brief – this gives the business case for implementing IGTs
  • Workshop ‘Expert as teacher’ – this is the design of a workshop that facilitates expert to novice knowledge transmission and exchange
  • Workshop ‘Co-Creating Innovation’ – this workshop motivates experienced workers to stay longer and motivated at work and share their knowledge with younger, less experienced workers
  • Workshop ‘Visualising Innovation’ –  visualisation/visual metaphors helps different generations discover innovation opportunities
  • Evaluation form (generic) –  this is the generic form for evaluation the workshops. Specific items from the document below can be copied into it.
  • Designing for IGL Report – please read this for more details on the position of this tool
  • Evaluation items specific for each workshop – (coming soon) this is a list of questions specific to each of the workshops and  can be copied into to the standard evaluation form.