Intergenerational Mentoring

Mentoring is the most common type of IGL done in organisations. It is used to prevent knowledge and competence loss as well as stimulate knowledge creation and innovation. Alongside of traditional mentoring, there is also reverse mentoring, group mentoring and e-mentoring. The different tools for organising mentoring can be found below. (Please note: the tools currently available are the untested versions. Once the testing is complete – around June of 2013- we will be replace these versions with the final ones.)

  • Management brief – this gives the business case for mentoring
  • Introduction to mentoring – this gives a more in-depth view into what mentoring is and when and how it should be implemented
  • Training pack – this gives instructions for the trainers
  • The Johari window – the Johari Window is a communication model that can be used to improve understanding between individuals.
  • Evaluation form – this is for trainers and participants to evaluate the mentoring experience
  • Designing for DIGL Report – this is the report giving important background information about using the different DIGL tools.